Dark by default: Dark mode is a stunning invention.

Why does developer Dave hate “Light Mode”? Because light attracts bugs! Dave ❤️ Dark mode.

Dark by Default: at SaMauto we love Dark Themes. That’s why we’ve build this site “Dark-by-Default”

We might add a Black-On-White (Light mode) feature in 2020… Who knows?!?

Dark mode, sometimes called “night mode”

Available in MacOSX.

Light: If you just want the normal setting
Dark: If you are like Dave and prefer Dark Mode all day.
Auto: Light Mode from sunrise to sunset, and dark at night. (Available from Catalina)

See Apple’s support page for more information

iPad OS (IOS)

Also available on iPad.

IOS settings with Dark Mode enabled.

Apps that have Dark Modes

Google Maps has a Dark mode. Twitter has a dark mode. and WhatsApp (by Facebook) is working on it (it’s currently Dec 2019) in Beta.

Why should you use dark mode?

The biggest advantage of dark mode is that it saves energy on devices with OLED or AMOLED displays.
With OLED, each pixel is individually lit. When the background is white, all the pixels are turned on and the display requires more power. When pixels are black or even dark grey, as is the case with dark mode, the display’s power requirements are naturally lowered. Because the black pixels don’t need it to be illuminated it saves energy.

At SaMauto the background is dark by default, so only the pixels displaying text will produce light. Saving you precious battery power, another utility of dark mode we often hear about is that it reduces blue light. Blue light is a high-energy visible light spectrum with the shortest wavelength. But actually we have another mode or setting for that The biggest natural source of blue light for human beings is the Sun, but screens emit amounts of blue light, too.

A modern day problem is that reading on your phone or tablet keeps your body awake, it’s even possible that you’re staying up too late because of your phone, tablet or computer screen.
To prevent that some phones come with a blue light filter. On computers there is a great application called f.lux you can download (it’s free for personal use!).

Dark Admin Themes

You can also build your app or website (like this one) in a full black them. Some popular CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Metro and Foundation) all make it possible to use a dark theme.

AppSeed has some cool dark admin templates (free & premium)

CSS for printing. Print.css: Save the environment by saving printer ink.

The trouble with a dark background and white text is that if you’ll print it this article in the current form. It’ll take consume massive amounts of black ink. To combat that we’ve added a print CSS stylesheet so that your computer knows that it should flip the colors (usually you print on white paper) and print the text in black.

So be sure to improve the world by ensuring our earthly resources don’t go to waste.

Colors in Dark Mode

Bring some joy in your life, create some color!

White: #FFFFFF; Background: #000000

Background: Light Black: #16161a;

Purple: #7F5AF0;

Red: #CD2653;

Can you spot one of our colors on the 2020 Color Trends list?

See more Color Trends in 2020!

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