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Docker is an awesome tool for developers. It makes it easy to share the exact same configuration with the world. If you pack an application in a Docker container, it’ll run on any system independent of the underlying OS.

Most of the tools listed on SamAuto run on Docker and we’ve made it easy to deploy the whole stack using Docker compose.

Visit for more information on Docker.

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WordPress. For blogs and websites

This website is powered by WordPress. It’s a Content Management System for websites and blogs.

You’ll need PHP to run it on your server, and it feels like a text-editor but for websites. You’ll create a blog or website in no-time.


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What is PHP?

echo "PHP is a programming language";

PHP is a programming language for the web. About 80% of the web runs on PHP, this website is included. What you see above is a simple PHP script to output the text “PHP is a programming language” to your screen (without the quotes, those are delimiters)

If you want to see more complex examples:

SaMauto runs a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress.

PHP can be used for a plethora of use-cases.

You can build a REST API (with the help of a Framework like Laravel or Symfony)

It can run your blog (WordPress or Bolt)

Dave has well over a decade of PHP experience. PHP changed the web, it enabled anyone.


  • Symfony
  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Slim

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Cake PHP (sometimes considered a framework)
  • Bolt

IDE’s (Integrated development environment)

  • Atom (Extensible text editor)
  • PHPStorm (Full IDE)
  • Eclipse (Full IDE)
  • Notepad++ (Text editor)


Google LLC by Alphabet

Google LLC.

Don’t be evil they said… hah!

The creators of Chrome the anti-privacy browser.


Apple Inc.

Apple is one of the biggest tech company’s in the world. The iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, IOS, Mac OS and a vast array of other products and services.

Apple Inc.








Microsoft. You probably know them…
the Operating System Windows is dominating the consumer market (especially for gamers).


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Evil Chrome

Google “Evil” Chrome is an browser by Google. You can use it to browse the web. Because Google’s main source of income is running ads, they decided the best way to promote their vast array of services is by creating their own browser.

And since the launch in September 2008 the browser’s market share keeps increasing…

There is a problem with privacy in this browser.

It’s open source counterpart Chromium is a basis for many other browsers (Brave, Microsofts Edge)

Chrome also scans your computer (via the software reporter tool) for executables. if you want to prevent that follow this link:

Social Media


Instagram (by Facebook) is a big deal nowadays. If you target a young audience it’s a must to have.

“Insta” is a go-to way to show of photo’s to the world.


Firefox for better privacy

Firefox is a browser by Mozilla.
It’s market share has declined after the launch of Google Chrome. But it really puts privacy first, unlike Google’s browser.

If you want to improve your privacy by default… get Firefox.

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HubSpot is what i currently use for forms (Contact form, Newsletter) on this website. My newsletter pop-up is an good example of how you can engage with the visitors of your website.