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Happy new year! 2020 kicks off

Happy new year everyone! We (Central Eastern Europe) are off to a new decade. Time to reflect on the past year and the past decade.

Browsers: Chrome is still dominating the market with whopping 60-65% percent. Two out of three browsers on the internet is a Chrome browser.

Apple’s Safari takes about 15% of the global browser market .

Mozilla’s privacy centered Firefox

Let’s look back at the decade 2010-2019

Chrome (green) is dominating. But look where they came from.

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Docker is an awesome tool for developers. It makes it easy to share the exact same configuration with the world. If you pack an application in a Docker container, it’ll run on any system independent of the underlying OS.

Most of the tools listed on SamAuto run on Docker and we’ve made it easy to deploy the whole stack using Docker compose.

Visit for more information on Docker.