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The market for International Sales and Marketing has shifted due to the usage of AI and Automation tools. This blog aims to be a guide in the vast world of open source, free and closed-source premium services- and software. Entertaining for fellow software developers like Dave. Next to explaining products and services by various companies and independent developers it tries to be a showcase for what automation and software can do for Marketing & Sales departments worldwide.

Automation Tools for Sales, Marketing & Development


Sally Sales is not using Excel to calculate results by hand. When she arrives at work the reports of the previous day are already in her email.


Mark Marketing does not panic if his boss asks him to send a general announcement to all of the company’s contacts two hours in advance.


Development “Dangerous” Dave supports Mark and Sally with their day-to-day jobs by automating tedious work previously done by hand.

Do you work in Sales, Marketing or as a Developer?
You’ve come to the right place to figure out how to achieve more automation in your day-to-day job and focus on the things that matter. I will explain you everything you’ll need to know about modern day Sales & Marketing Automation.

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A complete automatic
Sales & Marketing process YOU control.


Email types in Mautic
Create a new email in Mautic
Social overview
Managing Social is easier than ever, put the focus on your content!
Pie chart in MetaBase
Example Pie chart in MetaBase

”Samauto empowers you to use your data anyway you want.”

With these tools you are in control over analytics, tracking and privacy of your visitors. These tools enable you to focus on your product development instead of secondary activities. We enable you to get the most out of your online presence.

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